Carbon Offset Programs Made Simple

Sept 2009: Companies interested in negating their carbon emissions will benefit from environmental certification company, GreenBizCheck's new website which provides a detailed, free summary of carbon offset programs.

The new website summarises:

  1. The basics of carbon offsetting
  2. The main offset players
  3. The top eight offset options
  4. A detailed list of offset providers for individuals and companies.

GreenBizCheck is Australia and New Zealand's first online environmental business certification company ( and has spent many hours compiling this information as a resource for companies confused about the myriad of offsetting options available in the rapidly expanding green marketplace.

"With 30 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide released every year, we firmly believe individuals should dramatically reduce their environmental impact in the first instance, then offset residual emissions, rather than offsetting as a quick and easy way to ease their conscience." Said GreenBizCheck CEO, Tony Hall.

We also believe it makes more sense to support local providers, particularly those with lower administration fees and projects that have a permanent benefit to our eroding natural resources." Hall said GreenBizCheck provides a world-leading, low cost, online program designed to help businesses implement sustainable practices in the workplace - reducing waste, energy and water consumption.

Designed to make it easy for businesses to reduce their impact on the environment, GreenBizCheck certification contains well-researched and commercially beneficial environmental actions which lead to Bronze, Silver or Gold certification.

For more information please contact:
Nicholas Bernhardt, Managing Director, GreenBizCheck [email protected] (Tel: 0407 646 179)
Tony Hall, CEO, GreenBizCheck [email protected] (Tel: 0419 213 000)

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