Environmental certification company, GreenBizCheck is pleased to announce that KPS has reached bronze certification under the rigorous green business program. (www.greenbizcheck.com)

With further plans to become silver or gold GreenBizCheck certified, KPS is implementing environmental company policy changes to be a sustainable leader.

Climate change is one of the most urgent issues of our time. It is the greatest environmental challenge we face today as a global community and GreenBizCheck's practical and effective program assists companies to quickly implement environmentally responsible business practices which will save money, attract customers, motivate staff and help protect the environment.

In just 200 years, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere - the major greenhouse gas that causes climate change - has increased by a whopping 30%. The business sector has a big role to play in reducing emissions as office buildings produce more carbon dioxide than cars.

GreenBizCheck provides companies with a comprehensive checklist of practical tasks which reduce energy use and wastage in the workplace.

"We are providing businesses with a practical and low cost means of taking action to help reduce their increasing impact on climate change and it is great to see international companies like KPS be sustainable leaders and show other companies how easy it can be to have a positive impact on our environment and become even more profitable," said GreenBizCheck Director Tony Hall.

"KPS is looking forward to working with GreenBizCheck to efficiently reduce energy, water and waste costs in our business. Aside from the cost savings we are keen to set a high green standard in our market and independently show KPS is committed to sustainable business practices." said Managing Director, Sam Eid.

For further information please contact:

Daniel McLoughlin, Senior Account Manager, KPS: [email protected]

Carolyn Wall, General Manager, GreenBizCheck: [email protected]

Website: www.kpsworld.com.au, Tel (02) 9954 6300

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