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Thursday, 3 September 2009

The past month has been very busy at GreenBizCheck as we have completed a major software upgrade so that our green business certification system is now world leading. The assessment and reporting functions are fast, low cost and produce immediate actions to green your business and save substantial amounts of money.

In the marketplace, we are finding an increasing trend for big companies and government departments to ask for their suppliers' green credentials in the tender process. We believe this trend will continue and soon become mandatory for all suppliers to have independent green certification.

We are also pleased to report the launch of our New Zealand operations with a very talented team of five associate who you will find on our the contact us page of our website

In addition, we have appointed senior joint venture partners in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Canberra.

Please find some interesting news to follow and contact us anytime at

Featured Client: Norwest Recruitment

Norwest Recruitment's philosophy is simple... "It's all about freedom", freedom and peace of mind for our clients knowing that they have the right person, for the right job, right now, every time.

Freedom for a financial controller who wants to get home to the kids on time every night so we organise a temp or a permanent person to ease their workload.

Freedom for the CEO to have a more competent administrator and in turn the choice to do what work they want, when they want, or even freedom for our candidates to have the option of working closer to home, rather that in the city, saving hours in traveling and gaining more time to spend on the good things in life.

Visit Norwest Recruitment's website

Award-winning dolphin doc angers locals

An American activist and dolphin trainer, who is the star of a new award-winning documentary depicting dolphin slaughter, got an unwelcome reception when he turned up in Taiji with his film crew to draw attention to the annual dolphin hunt.
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Major Firms Going Half-speed on CO2 Reduction

The world's largest companies' carbon-cutting targets are too modest to avoid dangerous climate change, according to a report from the Carbon Disclosure Project.
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WA oil spill 'one of Australia's worst'

An oil spill in the Timor Sea off Western Australia's northern coast is shaping as one of the nation's worst.
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Greenpeace Exposes Oil Industry's Really Dirty Face

We can't expect much from the oil industry, but Greenpeace's newest finding is as ugly as it gets.
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Featured Client: Norwest Recruitment

1. Award-winning dolphin doc angers locals

2. Major Firms Going Half-speed on CO2 Reduction

3. WA oil spill 'one of Australia's worst'

4. Greenpeace Exposes Oil Industry's Really Dirty Face

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