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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

GreenBizCheck's State Of The Art Supply Chain Solutions

GreenBizCheck's comprehensive Supply Chain Management Platform and The Supply Chain Sustainability Tracker, are tools which assist organisations to minimise supply chain risk and increase supplier performance and engagement.

Supply chain optimisation is increasingly recognised as integral to achieving sustainability outcomes and enhancing corporate responsibility.

The key risks of not knowing the sustainability of your supply chain include:

  • Stock price / company valuation: Research has shown that organisations with a major CSR–related supply chain shock can lose 20% of their share price.
  • Suppliers not complying with child and forced labour standards, occupational health and safety benchmarks or that run environmentally unsustainable operations.
  • Potentially massive damage to your brand and reputation.
  • Consumer campaigns and boycotts.
  • Fractured stakeholder relationships that threaten your social licence to operate.

Click here to download an overview of the platform or contact us at for a free gap analysis and evaluation of your supply chain management capabilities.

Cloud-based Supply Chain Management Platform

In essence the program has two main components; i.e:

  • Supplier Interface: cloud-based supplier assessment, scores remedial action plan (contains all the suggested actions to help improve supplier performance) and seamless document upload functionality
  • Buyer Interface and Dashboard: Including 24/7 cloud-based access to all supplier data and documents, benchmarking and trending

The platform covers: Policies, Governance, Ethics, Risk, Environment, Labour, OH&S, Human Rights, Financials and Newsfeed (the newsfeed will alert you to news stories where your suppliers are connected to previously defined "key words" e.g. "bribery","environmental fine", "child labour", etc.

Click here to download an overview of the platform or contact us at for a free gap analysis and evaluation of your supply chain management capabilities.

Supply Chain Sustainability Tracker

This online tool is free, easy-to-use, and will help you identify gaps in your supply chain management. It takes just 10 minutes and involves three simple steps:

  • Step 1: Create a log-in at
  • Step 2: Answer 20 questions about your organisation's supply chain practices
  • Step 3: Receive a snapshot report which assesses your supply chain management and provides tips on how to reduce supply chain related risks.

Download more information on the Supply Chain Sustainability Tracker methodology here.

Australian Sustainable Business Market to Grow

The Australian sustainable business market will grow to $US3.5bn in 2018 from $US2.9bn in 2014, according to a new report from independent analyst firm Verdantix. The study predicts that the market will increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4 percent due to the expansion of energy management programs and incremental growth in sustainability programs.

The forecast is built from publicly disclosed 2013 revenue data from 225 corporates with revenues of more than $US1 billion. The Verdantix model categorises spending by 29 initiatives including energy efficiency, sustainable supply chains, cleantech and sustainable product innovation and is segmented across 20 industries.

GreenBizCheck continually reviews our sustainability platforms to ensure we are providing our customers with the latest in best practice standards. To read more about this Verdantix report visit our blog.

New Look Assessments and Benchmarks

If you have completed a GreenBizCheck Environmental Assessment in the last few months you may have noticed a slight change in appearance.

We are now bringing you a fresher, brighter, easier to read look. Gone are the green progress bars, these have been replaced with lighter, fresher blue dials which are easier to read.

We have also made some changes to our benchmark levels, they are still represented by Bronze, Silver & Gold but now the scoring has been lowered to 60, 70 & 80%, we also now offer 3 year certification programs to allow you that little bit of extra time to implement your new actions and engage your staff.

We hope you like the new look, send us an email and let us know what you think at

Featured Client: Canberra Business Event Centre

The Canberra Business Event Centre (CBEC) has been developed as a venue to showcase the ACT and region's strengths to international and interstate delegations and business visitors. Business Event Centre provides conference and exhibition facilities equipped with cutting edge technology.
The facility, located at Regatta Point, Canberra, has panoramic views over Lake Burley-Griffin to Parliament House and the Brindabella mountain ranges.

Mr Robert Jeston manages CBEC on behalf of the ACT Government. Robert has a wide-ranging background in the hospitality industry having worked extensively in Europe and more recently he has managed the Members and Guests of Parliament House catering for six years. He clearly understands all the necessary elements for a successful event.

Why we went down the sustainability journey
We embarked on the GreenBizCheck certification program because we wanted to improve our business culture, engage our employees to contribute to positive change and increase profitability by reducing costs. We also wanted to show our customers that we respect the environment.

Visit Canberra Business Event Centre's website

To find out more about how your business can become more sustainable and save on costs through GreenBizCheck's certification program visit our website at or to find out more about our Supply Chain Sustainability Tracker and Management Platform visit

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Featured Client: Canberra Business Event Centre

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