No. Staff: 1 - 10
(Full Time Equivalent)

Annual Price Inc. GST




No. Staff: 11 - 20
(Full Time Equivalent)

Annual Price Inc. GST




No. Staff: 21 - 50
(Full Time Equivalent)

Annual Price Inc. GST




No. Staff: 51 - 100
(Full Time Equivalent)

Annual Price Inc. GST




No. Staff: 101 - 500
(Full Time Equivalent)

Annual Price Inc. GST

GreenBizCheck's Club Certification program helps you:

  • Reduce cost and improve your bottom line
  • Attract new business and revenue
  • Gain a competitive advantage

The program is a world-leading, low cost solution for clubs that want to take action. It provides you with independent certification endorsed by Bureau Veritas, the world's largest certification body.

All you need to do is complete a simple yet comprehensive online assessment per club and then implement the actions contained in the report until you achieve Bronze, Silver or Gold Certification.

Upon reaching a certification level Bureau Veritas provides a desktop audit to verify the process. There are 250+ actions designed expressly for clubs. The program also offers a 100% money-back guarantee that you will at the very least save the cost of certification if the recommended actions are implemented.

The assessment covers energy, water, waste and recycling, transportation and travel, supply chain sustainability, carbon footprint measurement and offsetting.

Our Clients

GreenBizCheck's Top 5 Green Club Actions

  1. Change all lights to sustainable LEDs or fluorescents
  2. Switch off all lights and electrical equipment when not in use (especially at night, weekends, holidays)
  3. Educate staff with your company Environmental Sustainability Policy
  4. Set cost and energy efficient temperatures
  5. Source supplies from local sustainable ethical suppliers

Levels of GreenBizCheck Certification

GreenBizCheck Club Bronze Certification

GreenBizCheck Club Silver Certification

GreenBizCheck Club Gold Certification

Clubs that take action now, rather than wait for inevitable increased Government regulation or market pressure will find themselves with a topical market differentiation factor that also saves both money and resources.

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