GreenBizCheck FAQ's

Q. What is GreenBizCheck certification?

A. GreenBizCheck's world-leading, online, high impact annual certification programs have been heavily researched and comprise the latest European and Asian best practice standards. They cover energy, water, waste and recycling, transportation and travel, procurement and supply chain sustainability. Clients complete an online assessment and receive a comprehensive environmental report containing their score and practical, high-impact actions to reduce their footprint. Depending on how many eco-actions are implemented, clients reach Bronze (60% of total points score), Silver (70%) or Gold (80%) GreenBizCheck certification.

Bronze, silver and gold certificates are issued by Bureau Veritas.

We have ensured that our standards are very rigorous and that our certification thresholds are set at high, yet achievable, levels. Our three tiered certification standard also allows you to progressively become more sustainable.

Q. Why is certification annual?

A. GreenBizCheck's assessments and reports are regularly updated. Consequently, after 12 months you will be able to benefit from the latest, updated platform version.

Q. What are the weightings within the assessment based on?

The individual weightings are underpinned by the following methodology:

There are over 100 architectural, quality and other standards and assessments world-wide. Of those, over 60 have some significant 'green' or 'sustainable' components. We reviewed these assessment frameworks and combined and modified them to reflect the relevant commercial aspects of the office, retail, food and beverage and IT environment. In other words, we have taken the best of the best of the assessment methods currently in existence and combined them into one completely automated, on-line assessment methodology.

Relevant Sources [PDF]

Every single underlying action has a real or perceived impact on the environment - e.g. recycling paper clips will have a negligible impact (unless you had billions of them, of course) whereas switching off your IT overnight, on weekends and during holidays will have a much greater impact.

It could be argued that every rating system is de facto arbitrary. Someone has, at some stage of the process, defined benchmarks or minimum requirements. Our system is no different: in conjunction with a panel of experts we developed our rating system.

Even if the weighting of one of the actions were skewed it would have a negligible impact on the overall score as the sample range of actions is so large. e.g. Action A has a weighting of 0.6% which is out by 30% (i.e. it should be a weighting of 0.78%) - this will have an impact of a mere 0.18% on the total score.

How does GreenBizCheck Certification compare to ISO 14001 Environmental Standards?

The ISO system provides a compliance framework whereby practitioners must attend training, create a framework and develop action strategies themselves. Compliance is then audited at an additional cost.

GreenBizCheck's certification system provides organisations with a fast, low cost and action-oriented sustainability program for immediate implementation to achieve bronze, silver or gold certification levels.

Q. Who is GreenBizCheck?

A. We are business people just like you and want to utilise our skills, experience and contacts to help businesses reduce their environmental footprint, save money and attract new business. We want to dedicate our careers to finding solutions and help businesses become more sustainable. For more information on GreenBizCheck and the team visit About Us.

Our objective at GreenBizCheck is to show business that it makes commercial sense to become more sustainable as our certification will help businesses:

  • Rapidly increase profits
  • Reduce costs and wastage
  • Gain market share by standing out in the market place

Q. Why certify with GreenBizCheck?

A. GreenBizCheck's environmental assessment is designed to help you:

  • Improve profitability
  • Create new revenue opportunities
  • Attract and retain staff
  • Verify your green credentials
  • Maximise your PR and Marketing opportunities

Q. What type of companies will benefit most from certification?

A. Certification by GreenBizCheck is best suited to any business with an office, hotels, clubs, retail or food and beverage outlets, or large IT department.

Q. Do we get credit for some of the things our organisation is already doing?

A. Yes! In fact your organisation may have already reached one of the certification levels providing you with a very good reason to be GreenBizCheck certified and to get the recognition your efforts deserve.

Q. Do I have to do everything on the checklist to become GreenBizCheck certified?

A. No! But you need to reach at least 60% for Bronze, 70% for Silver and 80% for Gold certification. Until you reach one of these certification levels you can use the 'GreenBizCheck in Progress' logos.

Once you reach bronze, silver or gold you will be audited by Bureau Veritas. The audit itself is automated, very user-friendly and efficient.

Q. What are the costs of becoming GreenBizCheck certified?

A. Click here to view our low fees which are designed to make sure price does not stand in the way of immediate environmental action..

Q. How long is my certification valid?

A. Your certification is renewable every year. It ensures that you will benefit from all the latest efficient, money-saving actions that the industry develops. We constantly upgrade the actions available to you with a focus on making your business more efficient and saving you even more money.

Many of our clients opt for a three year program which can be tailored to suit your needs.

Q. What if I do not reach the necessary points?

A. We will guide you through the process of improving your eco-efficiency so that you can reach the necessary points score as fast as possible.

Q. How can I offset my carbon emissions?

A. GreenBizCheck is proud to be a partner of Climate Friendly - click here for more info. Climate Friendly works with corporations, businesses and individuals to measure, manage and offset their carbon footprint. Their products include world's best practice carbon offsets and renewable energy certificates GreenPower and Gold Power.

Q. Who audits our organisation and how is the integrity of the program maintained?

A. All our clients agree to our terms and conditions which specifically include a clause on the veracity of the answers provided. The integrity of our program is also ensured by:

  1. Terms and Conditions (see above)
  2. Desktop Audit by Bureau Veritas: Some of the actions can be backed up by some form of documentary evidence. We have defined these actions once you reach bronze, silver or gold certification you will be audited by Bureau Veritas. Once verified by Bureau Veritas they issue the certificate.
  3. GreenBizCheck's and / or its consultants may also carry out on-site, non-intrusive audits. Obviously they will advise you well in advance of the audit.
  4. Self-policing by staff and clients - staff will be aware of the program and will also ensure compliance with the program.

The combination of all these measures ensure the integrity of GreenBizCheck's certification programs.

Q. Why is GreenBizCheck unique in its approach to greening businesses?

A. GreenBizCheck is the world's first global, online certification company that provides solutions for office, retail, food and beverage, hotels and IT based businesses to immediately take action and implement well researched sustainability actions.

Q. Our organisation measures energy and water consumption and also monitors waste but it is often very difficult to make meaningful comparisons. Is there an exact and effective way of comparing data?

The comparability and meaningful analysis of data is one of the most difficult tasks for organisations trying to track energy, water and waste trends.

Every time you measure something at a certain point in time the resultant 'number' is the result of almost unique circumstances. When you next measure the same input there might have been a number of factors that have skewed the result e.g. the consumption of electricity is influenced by a myriad of factors such as:

  • pervading climate in period measured - a particularly hot summer in one year will inflate air-conditioning expenses compared to costs in a cooler year
  • business activity in the period measured (incl. staff fluctuations, overtime worked, etc.)
  • procurement of new equipment in one period (e.g. is it additional to existing equipment or is replacing obsolete equipment? If yes is it energy star rated as compared to non-energy star rated?)

The quest to have the 'perfect number' which in turn will allow an organisation to make meaningful comparisons is one of the biggest and most frustrating issues organisations face as far as sustainability is concerned. Unfortunately this problem applies to almost every area of sustainability. Over-analysing data and trying to find correlations between various hard to measure parameters is often very frustrating and time-consuming.

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