About GreenBizCheck

GreenBizCheck is a cloud-based sustainability certification program for business.

We provide certification for offices, retail, hotels, clubs, education centres, IT, food & beverage and recruitment. The program helps companies to quickly implement sustainable environmental practices which rapidly increase profits, attract new business, conserve energy, water, resources and minimise waste.

Companies are provided with a comprehensive and easy to complete online assessment with immediate reporting and action planning.

The assessment incorporates the following sections:

  • Energy conservation
  • Water consumption reduction
  • Waste reduction and recycling
  • Transportation and travel
  • Procurement and supply chain sustainability
  • General environmental issues
  • Voluntary carbon measurement and offsetting

Points are awarded for compliance and implementation of each element of the assessment (questions have varying weightings to reflect their relative importance and impact).

Organisations are then given guidance as to the necessary steps to be taken to achieve certification.

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GreenBizCheck Environmental Certification

GreenBizCheck Bronze Certification
Best Practice
For companies that achieve 60% of the total points score available

GreenBizCheck Silver Certification
For companies that achieve 70% of the total points score available

GreenBizCheck Gold Certification
World Leadership
For companies that achieve 80% of the total points score available

Bureau Veritas Audit

Bureau Veritas

Bronze, silver and gold certification is verified and audited by Bureau Veritas - the world's largest certification provider with over 62,000 staff and over 940 offices in almost 150 countries.

Our Head Office People

We are business people just like you and want to utilize our skills, experience and contacts to help businesses reduce their environmental footprint, save money and attract new business.

Photo of Nicholas Bernhardt

Nicholas Bernhardt, MBA

Managing Director

Nicholas has held senior management positions at Nomura Securities, Standard Chartered Bank & Ameco Financial Services. He has gained extensive experience in Private Banking, Asset Management & Investment Banking in the financial centres Zurich, Tokyo, London and Hong Kong. He has also specialized in Project Management, M&A and consultancy work both in Australia and overseas.

Nicholas holds an MBA from Zurich University. He is very concerned about the ramifications of climate change and wants to apply his business skills, experience and network to do something about this potentially devastating problem.

Photo of James Carlopio

James R. Carlopio, B.A., M.A., Ph. D.

Academic Advisor

James took on the role of Director of the Centre for Executive Education, Associate Dean Executive Education and Clinical Professor of Management for the period from 7-2007 to 1-2008, and is currently Associate Professor of Management, Faculty of Business, Technology and Sustainable Development, Bond University, Gold Coast Queensland.

James was a member of the Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM) from 1990-2007 where he was a regular contributor to their world-class executive education and MBA programs as a subject leader and developer, a cohort leader and a senior lecturer. James was the Director of the AGSM's Accelerated Development Program, a three-week residential executive development program for high-potential managers, from 1994 to 1997, and was the Head of the Organizational Behaviour Group for 2005-2006. His education has focused on psychology with a B.A. (Springfield, MA.), an M.A. (University of Manitoba, Canada) and a Ph. D. in Applied and Organisational Psychology (Old Dominion, Virginia).

Photo of Tim Dorey

Tim Dorey

Director of IT

Tim has a Bachelor of Information Technology degree with a major in Electronic Commerce and has worked in the Information Technology industry since 2003.

Having worked in software development, software support and also as an independent information technology consultant he brings extensive experience in software development and project management to the GreenBizCheck team.

Photo of Carolyn Wall

Carolyn Wall

General Manager

Carolyn has been working in Administration and Finance roles for the last fourteen years, including working for some of the world's largest mining companies including Rio Tinto, Leighton Contractors and DBT Engineering.

Carolyn is passionate about environmental issues and educating individuals and business on sustainability and simple measures that can be taken to reduce your carbon footprint.

Photo of Dominic Dillon

Dominic Dillon

Sustainability Consultant

Dominic's professional focus is the development and implementation of ISO 14001 EMSs. He has a Bachelor of Environmental Management from Bond University and his interest in the sustainability field comes from the unique challenges involved in finding balance between economic realities and environmental protection.

Dominic has a passion for helping businesses find ways to reduce their impact on the environment, while improving their efficiency and competitiveness.

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