"HydroKleen Australia set out, initially, just to achieve accreditation to add value to our business when applying for particular tenders and large corporate quotes. We found that this accreditation achieved us and our franchisees far more. It gave credibility to our corporate responsibility and our culture. It presented to the consumer a third party independent endorsement that we are doing what we say we are. But more importantly it has opened the dialogue of the environment and what we want to achieve as a franchise group."
- Sharon Jurd, Director, HydroKleen Australia Pty Ltd.

"As a franchisee of Kwik Kopy for 17 years, we undertook GreenBizCheck certification to look at ways our retail store could become more profitable and sustainable. It is important to us that our staff and clients know we do the best we can to implement sustainable practices within our business and GreenBizCheck provided a fast action program with an identifiable logo we could promote to our staff,clients and suppliers. The report identifies areas of improvement and provides suggested actions our business can undertake, which minimises staff resources to implement business improvements. We have recently renewed our GreenBizCheck certification for the third year running and would highly recommend the program to any business wanting to improve their environmental impact and achieve marketable credentials."
- Gordon Clark, Business Owner, Kwik Kopy 242 Exhibition Street, Sydney

"We really wanted to be a part of the GreenBizCheck certification program because a number of SIGNWAVE owners already have processes and systems in place within their businesses which encourage sustainability. The GreenBizCheck program will build on our current initiatives and show every store how they can save money on utilities, consumables, etc., simply by changing habits and being conscious of their behaviour - there is no downside."
- Helen Spencer, Franchise Development Manager, Signwave.

"Enrolling your staff in practices that reduce the impact on the environment is not only good for the environment but gives your staff a sense of care and commitment. Working through an audit like the Chamber has done with GreenBizCheck, can provide a sense of pride for you and your team."
- Wayne Walford, CEO, Waikato Chamber of Commerce.

"It is with pleasure that our team has achieved GreenBizCheck bronze certification for a second year running. We have received a number of awards for our lending practices, but this achievement will have longer lasting benefits for our clients, staff, family, friends and future generations of the same. Our staff have embraced the saying of, "We don't inherit the earth from our partent's, we borrow it from our children'. I thank the team at GreenBizCheck and Cube Central for their assistance in achieveing bronze certification.
- Scott Beattie, Business Development Manager, Cube Central.

"If the environment is important to you, your business, clients and future prospects it's vital to prove credibility. IPscape has invested in the GreenBizCheck program because it is easy to understand, offers a robust audit program and allowed us to prove progression to better environmental management. The GreenBizCheck program helped IPscape win new business with large multinational companies because they insist their suppliers and partners can prove environmental credentials."
- Simon Burke, CEO, IPscape.

"The program in general was excellent, really made me think about the simple things my business could be implementing both at Head Office and at Franchise site level. It's very easy to form the view, there's not much my business can do to make a difference, so why bother doing anything at all? But this audit check illustrates how much of a difference my business can make with just a few simple things. Importantly it creates a starting point for a C-Store business that doesn't know where to start (like myself), provides a great kick start to a comprehensive sustainability policy."
- Robert Anderson, Director, APCO Service Stations Pty. Ltd.

"We believe that concepts and programs such as GreenBizCheck's are integral to promoting environmental sustainability."
- Neale Condon, General Manager Corporate Services, RACQ.

"GreenBizCheck provides us with a step-by-step guide for practical changes that will diminish our carbon footprint and in time allow us to become carbon neutral."
- Dylys Bertelsen, CEO, Windsor Recruitment.

"VIVO Cafe Group is looking forward to working with GreenBizCheck to efficiently reduce energy, water and waste costs in our business. Aside from the cost savings we are keen to set a high green standard in our market and independently show VIVO is committed to sustainable business practices."
- Angela Vithoulkas, Director, VIVO Cafe Group.

"Your service is outstanding. Thank you for all your support and your incredibly quick ideas that make things so easy. It is very much appreciated."
- Wendy Smith, Executive Assistant to CEO, Jo-Anne Bloch, Financial Planning Association (FPA).

"GreenBizCheck's practical assessment has helped our company save approximately 20% of our energy consumption. The very practical tips and measures were very easy to implement and very effective."
- Isabelle Lavoix, Managing Director and Owner, Trianon Management.

"The GreenBizCheck Certification process provided a focus for us to more formally structure and focus our business towards green and sustainable business practice. It has led to more material policies and been a catalyst for us to optimise our practices so we could honestly say we had aligned all our operations and infrastructure to our environmental values and ethics. Through the certification process we have gained more company-wide ownership with staff and stakeholders for our level of green practices and in decision making. The achievement of Gold Certification has been another feather in our cap and a worthy addition to our company profile. Our future business development plans include consideration of how we can do better in our energy, waste and recycling practices, along with our choices of materials as a manufacturer and our strategy for distribution and transport. Thanks to GreenBizCheck for their support in this endeavour."
- Colin Chenery, Managing Director, MiONE Group.

"In light of the specialist candidate base we represent it is essential that Turning Green emulate the behaviours exhibited daily by our clients and candidates. GreenBizCheck's practical and effective program helped Turning Green quickly implement environmentally responsible business practices that have helped save resources, attract customers, motivate staff and help protect the environment. We very much enjoyed working with GreenBizCheck to efficiently reduce energy, water and waste costs in our business. Aside from the cost savings we were keen to set a high green standard in our market and independently show Turning Green Pty Ltd is committed to sustainable business practices."
- Lisa Tarry, Managing Director, Turning Green.

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