The Carbon Tax is approaching and sustainability is going to become a significant business requirement over the next few years. Is it important for key business leaders to establish a practical action plan for sustainability activities and the 2-day Corporate Sustainability Course is the perfect place to start.

Who should attend?

  • Office managers and operations personnel
  • Procurement and purchasing officers
  • HR professionals and environmental officers
  • Consultants, accountants, lawyers, architects, engineers
  • Aspiring green business champions or leaders
  • Students or people looking to enhance their environmental knowledge and skills
  • Anyone looking to embark on a career or shift into corporate sustainability

Why you should attend:

Gain an understanding of:
  • The latest environmental issues, trends, regulations and solutions
  • Establish core knowledge to lead your organisations sustainability actions
  • Learn the latest in change management techniques to ensure organisational engagement
Have an opportunity to:
  • Apply several proven models and tools
  • Discuss ideas with world leading presenters Dr Badin Gibbes and Dr James Carlopio
  • Network with other sustainability professionals
Take away:
  • A professional certificate of attainment
  • New diagnostic tools and environmental resources

Corporate Sustainability Officer Course Outline

Day 1: Sustainability Initiatives for your Business

Learn about what current business environmental issues, attitudes and actions are being taken.

Topics covered include:

  • Corporate action to date
  • Case studies
  • Government regulation
  • Overseas trends
  • Carbon Taxes
  • Carbon offsetting
  • Emissions trading
  • Tools to take action
  • Certifications and standards
  • Steps for immediate action
  • Commercial benefit of green business
  • Emerging sustainable technologies

Presented by

Dr Badin Gibbes
B.Eng, M.Eng.Sci, Ph.D

Lecturer, Environmental Engineering, University Of Queensland

Badin is an environmental engineer with over 15 years of experience in the environmental management field. He has held positions across a range of sectors from local and State Government organisations to private engineering consulting companies and more recently in research and higher education. In his current role with The University of Queensland's School of Civil Engineering he is actively involved in undergraduate and post-graduate teaching programs, with a particular focus on the development and delivery of courses in environmental management, sustainable design and water resources engineering.

Day 2: Green Change Management

Learn the secrets to making change happen.

Explore the psychological and social sides of how individuals, groups, teams and systems must change in order to make "green" change happen successfully.

  • The psychosocial model of behaviour and change: the person and the social environment - the real secret of change
  • The environment at work - looking at the office environment, health and sustainability implementation
  • The power of the situation - demand characteristics and how we use elements of our social environments to communicate expectations of behavioural norms and changes
  • Stakeholder analysis tool - Diagnosing key stakeholders' perceptions of change, areas of resistance and leverage
  • Structural and cultural analysis tools - diagnosing facilitating structures and critical aspects of the social environment and aligning them with desired changes

Presented by

Dr James R. Carlopio
B.A., M.A., Ph.D.

Professor at Bond University and formerly AGSM

James has worked on projects for numerous Australian, European and U.S.-based organisations, most recently in the areas of strategy design and implementation, 'green' change, the implementation of innovation and new technology, organisational change, applying design principles and creativity to strategy design and development, personal change and influence, organisational and management development and strategy implementation and planning.


$1,100 inc GST - Full Two Day seminar
$990 inc GST - Students or 2 or more attendees from the same organisation

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